We have a number of online solutions available that are aimed to grow your academy’s online presence. Our solutions can help reach the following goals:

Increase your brand awareness: We help expose you and your academy to targeted BJJ practitioners worldwide increasing your brand and funneling viewers and followers to your social media accounts.

Increase your monthly membership: We have over 100,000 monthly visitors to our blogs, post, and social media. Putting your name on our network helps drive traffic to your academy.

Monetize your daily classes via these methods:

1) WebDeveloperDepot.com: We provide you with free and paid software/services to achieve maximum gains for your academy. We have professional, easy-to-use DIY software to help create, manage, and promote your business. In addition, we have unique, customized services to help scale your organization with custom web development and design services, marketing, advertising, and reputation services.

2) BJJWeb.TV: (Creating/Monetizing You Online Channel) Coming soon to our network of sites, we are creating the first exclusive BJJ Channel for BJJ Academies linking viewers to your academy training via real-time video, pay-per-view video, and pre-recorded video. Create your own channel, create additional revenue streams from your current students by providing membership to pre-recorded pass classes, providing online seminars via pay-per-view, charge an additional subscription fee to your content, and much more. We actively promote you as a channel and provide a lucrative revenue share for each transaction sold.

Increase your Brand and Membership Today!

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