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Make a passive income by creating BJJ Courses Online

This E-Learning Platform is open to all accredited BJJ Purple, Brown and Black Belts!

Inspire BJJ Practitioners: BJJ is an amazing martial art! Training is demanding, intense and addictive. Spreading knowledge and skills are part of the training. Now you can do it part-time and globally by using our E-Learning platform to create online courses. Instruct about your specialties, skill set, basics or what you are passionate about. The BJJ Community wants to learn!.

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Maximize your reach:  We consume the responsibility of marketing and advertising your content for maximum reach to potential students, utilizing organic search and paid advertising. You pay nothing to promote your course.


Earn extra income: Once the course is active on our network of websites, students are able to find and purchase the course online. You receive a revenue share for every time a student purchases your course. Receive 40% commission from courses sold.

Best of all:  This program is FREE for you. Must be an Accredited Black or Brown Belt in BJJ.

Sign Up is simple, it takes less than 2 minutes to become your online course instructor! LLC Staff will contact you to verify your information and credentials.